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☀Character Biography

Alan James is one of the main characters of the TAHW manga RGB and the father of Ryan, Bryden, and Gordon. He is known as a war hero due to the fact that he saved Australia from a terrorist invasion in an unknown year and Lindsey James’ husband. He still works on base making sure that nothing new happens afterwars.

Alan is friends with almost everyone on base, despite referring to them as only their nicknames such as “private” or “commander” (his boss).


Alan is a very muscular adult vulpessapien, primarily based on an Australian Red Fox and has the typical appearance of a red fox. He has bright red fur on the top of his legs, and his back, while his hair and his tail are a darker red, typical to Australian red foxes. His tail has a white-ish tip (sometimes black if discolored), and a black belly. He has, what look like sideburns on his cheeks as his fur was colored red on the sides of both his face and neck. It is currently unknown what this is.


Alan is a war hero born and raised in Queensland, Australia during an unknown year. He is so far slightly more mild mannered than his son Ryan and his other kids, who tend to be a little ill-tempered when it comes to their minor sensitivity. This reveals that fact that Ryan and Thunder are meant to represent autistic children. It is so far a possibility that Alan may also have this disorder as well. He is known for his bravery and spirit which he believes he will one day pass down onto his three sons. He is very caring and affectionate towards his family.


Alan was born in Queensland, Australia and raised by his first family before he had met Lindsey. His parents had taught him how to fight and take care of himself which are life skills he used after he learned to fend for himself in the wild. So far not much else will be revealed about Alan’s past just yet.


Gallery showing images of Alan from the RGB Manga.