Asriel 2






Coyowolf Lupussapien






Leader of a trio of rogues



Asriel is the leader of a rogue trio set out to fight the tyrant Tobidashi and one of the special characters in Thunder: A Hero's Welcome - The Movie. He travels with Asmodeus and Astaroth across the country. He is known for his immense speed, being almost as fast as Thunder herself. He is known so far to be impulsive, often acting without thinking clearly first and using the intelligence he has to come up with strategies, resulting in one easy mistake of confusing an innocent person for Tobidashi due to their appearance.


Asriel is based entirely on a coyote wolf hybrid known as the Eastern Coyote or Coywolf. He wears a black vest with a silver chain (colorless in the film) and has purple eyes with light turquoise "whites". He has bluish silver hair with dark bluish fur, dark ears, a dark tipped tail, and a lightly colored belly extending from his muzzle, down his stomach, all the way down to his tail. His eyebrows are a slightly darker silver blue than his eyelids. He has a diamond shape on his forehead.


Asriel was born in Canada, shortly after he became dependent on himself rather than his parents. His main passion was training to become a strong fighter, testing his speed and strength both. He would eventually be recruited along with the other rogues to fight for a developing group of hunting sapiens. He then realized his job wasn't helping and decided to move on with his life, searching for Tobidashi without the group. When doing so, he and the other two rogues, Asmodeus and Astaroth arrived with him to fight him and end Tobidashi's plan to become overpowered and bring humanity to its knees, eventually meeting Thunder who agrees to do the same.

Asriel is a very smart and cunning predator who can occasionally be slightly mouthy to his enemies, appearing to them as a snob at times. Although he is sometimes nervous and worryful around others, he normally comes around in the end.


Asriel was born in Labrador, which may lead to ideas that he may be a Labrador Wolf hybrid sapien.

Asriel's name was heavily inspired from a monster character in the popular game Undertale.

He is currently one of the only known coyote hybrid based sapiens in the story.