DirusSapiens are a mythical sapien species believed to have evolved from the Dire Wolf, getting their 





130 Years

Years exsisted

2,501,000 Years

Cause of Extinction

An event that could not be stopped

name. They are much larger, smarter, and stronger than the LupusSapiens of today. They have exsited since the dinosaur era.

There is only one known DirusSapien alive currently. Named "Tobi ".

Appearance and CharacteristicsEdit

The DirusSapien grew to be 4'58" feet tall and average DirusSapiens would weigh up to 85.7 lbs. Their natural fur colors were brown, yellow, black, or white depending on which climate they lived in. However, there are mysteries popular among scientists about the wereabouts of a rare, silver DirusSapien.

It was less civilized than the LupusSapiens and didn't have many human characteristics. Some of them can speak, and some of them can't.

Though they have evolved from Dire Wolves, it was unfortunate that they went extinct and did not live long enough to further evolve into anymore new species. However, humans and scientists are working on reviving them from extinction using their DNA and advanced technology.


Extinct EX

Extinct in the wildEdit


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