Fly is a northen breed of canissapien often used for herding livestock by humans. She used to live on a farm with her owner and mother as a sheep tender until a pack of demons attacked and savagely murdered everything there what wasn't a lupussapien. Waking up later she found her mother was missing and her face was badly bleeding. Not having much choice, she went off into the wild to try and find help, but never got any. Now she wonders the borders of the south trying to look for humans.

She doesn't normally trust others easily, but she's submissive enough to be a good follower and her breed's specialty is being a helper with just about anything. At 21 years old, she's a full grown adult and her wind powers have already fully matured. She received them at birth, but a powerful evil corrupted them sometime ago. In fact, Fly has the same problem as Thunder...she has a curse as well. During her journey she had touched a soul stone that had an evil spirit steeled inside. Putting her paw on it caused the spirit to transfer into her own body.

Unlike Thunder and her other pack members, she's very calm and mature so it takes a lot of influence for the curse to full effect her. Being away from other lupussapiens for so long has left her with some trust issues however and she's reluctant to join Thunder's pack after Blaze ends up attacking her, mistaking her for one of the enemies.

She's not very strong, but can easily look after herself and she actively protects the pack.