Hybrid Sapiens are halfbreed or multibreed entities known for having partly the DNA of a different being. The most commonly known type of hybrid sapiens being canoids.

Hybrid Sapiens by GenusEdit


Skyloh WolfdogEdit

Skyloh Wolfdogs are a supernatural hybrid, particularly between a lupussapien and a jinmenken of either gender. They are known throughout the story and different individuals of this cross exist throughout Thunder's adventures, such as Timber and Conrad.


Multi species hybrids are based mostly on mythical entities such as chimeric animals.


Cabbits are a hybrid between a felissapien and a lepissapien. The original cabbit from the cabbit legend is believed to have been inspired from the fact that both the young of domestic cats and rabbits are referred as kits or kittens. Known individuals include specifically Pyro and Spitfire's children later on in the comic.