TAHW [2018 Reboot]

Kaida Shenlong
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Age 8-10 (13-15 in human years)
Race/Species Nammani Dragon
Place of Birth Kokkinos Alps
Status Alive
Rank none
Alignment Good
Aliases _____
Location Inner Lupus Fields
Voice _____

Kai (fullname: Kaida Shenlong; lit. "Little Dragon") is a loyal friend to Thunder and the gang. She is a rare mutation occurring naturally in dragons.


Kai, originally designed to be a blue dragon, had her design updated for the reboot. She is a rare, purple Nammani dragon with green eyes, small, dark purple and pink wings, horns that branch out into antlers, and a long, blonde mane extending to her tail with a lion's tuft at the tip. She is covered in purple feathers and has pale tan chest, tail, and underbelly plates. Due to her young age, her wings are too small to support her weight, limiting her to gliding, even when putting all of the muscle she has into flapping. However, she can fly when catching wind currents strong enough to carry her. Flapping her wings can allow her to jump higher. She has a slightly chubby build, and has a smooth layer of fat under her skin to protect her from cold temperatures and uses her wings to filter out heat to avoid heatstroke.




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