TAHW [2018 Reboot]

Marble1 Profile
Vital statistics
Gender Females
Age N/A
Race/Species Kokunai Fox (Marble Coated)
Place of Birth N/A
Status N/A
Rank Background Characters
Alignment N/A
Aliases Marble chefs (customers), Marble cooks
Location Lupus Fields National Park
Voice N/A
The Marble Cooks are characters from the Thunder Series, seen particularly in the first episode so far. They do not have a big role in the series whatsoever and only exist as background characters.


The Marble Cooks are both female Kokunai Foxes, but their design is based entirely off the real life domesticated red fox, some of which have marble coat patterns. The one shown the most as of currently wears a green vest.


Not much is described about what these two are like, but it is known that they are the owners of a food truck that stops by Lupus Fields during holidays and special occasions.