Meat Dog (Primarily called Nikumenken (肉面犬) in the comic) is an incorporeal jinmenken in Thunder: a Hero's Welcome and is a minor antagonist from a specific volume in the comic. He is characterized as a vengeful spirit.


Meat Dog is a jinmenken soul without a body. He has no skin and has visible red flesh exposed. He became this way as a result of dying by being skinned while still alive. Unlike most animals who endure such cruelty, he still has his feet, but without any fur left behind.


Meat Dog is a vengeful, misanthropic being, often blaming every human for his death despite the fact that only two people were responsible for it. This has resorted to him killing anyone he comes across in a frenzy, even killing pets who have the "audacity" to live alongside humans in harmony. He is quite hateful and he even sees nothing wrong with killing a few innocent humans. It is debated by many characters how this is possible, as he does not have a physically solid body to allow him to touch humans without falling through them, but it is revealed by him that he uses black magic to do so, taking advantage of the fact that he cannot be physically attacked. He takes his rampage out on Thunder for the simple fact that she used to live with a human, attempting to kill her and fails.