The sapiens are a race of sentient, animal-like beings, known for acting like humans. Their name is derived from the term, "sapien", coming from the Latin terminology sapient meaning "wise". The name of each sapien will normally begin with that of the animal they have formed from, such as lupussapiens who evolved from Gray Wolves. The lupussapien's name coming from " lupus sapien". (Wolf Thinker)


A sapien typically looks like an animal that already exists, whether it would be the furry, double coated lupussapien, their cousin, the canissapien, the scaly, warm blooded dracosapien, or the strong, human like hominisapien. They look like different animals, such as canines, felines, mustelids, reptilians, or even humans.


Sapiens are normally extremely intelligent like humans. They have recently learned how to set up technologies, society, and seem to show signs of faster intelligence every day.