RPG (Sci-fi, Drama, Horror)


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Release Date

March 20, 2016 (Estimation)

Audience Tag

Adults (Graphic Violence, Highly Disturbing Visuals, Adult Language, Sexual Humor, Use of drugs and alcohol, Jumpscares)

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Slaughterhouse is a horror story set in the same world of Thunder: A Hero's Welcome. It is supposed to reflect on the darker tones of Thunder's story; however, Thunder may not be anywhere in the game. Instead, the main character is a German Shepherd based canissapien named "Officer Shepherd", an officer of a detective agency set out with a group of canissapiens referred to as "Police Dogs".


The story is set in the ruins of Idaho, a state where wolves are hunted to extinction for sport, and dogs are abused solely for the fact that they are wolf descendants. Since lupussapiens and canissapiens are also wolf descendants, the humans of Idaho turned on them. A caissapien pup was adopted after his parents were murdered and taken in as a pet, only for his owner to abuse him, as she thinks no canines should survive. She slams the pup's head against the wall, knocking him unconscious. As the pup got older, the abuse became severely worse. He was beaten, starved, and given death threats by his master. When Psycho finally became an adult, the trauma caused him to kill his owner and run into the city to attack humans. A group of detectives caught him and took him to a doctor to see what was wrong with him. However, before the test was finished, the canissapien snapped and attacked the doctors and ran away where they would never find him, that is except for three new detective characters. By the time these characters are introduced, they state that the test was finished. The canissapien was diagnosed with Posttraumatic Stress Disorder.

Shepherd the German Shepherd canissapien along with Meiko the Alaskan Malamute wolf mix canissapien and Kōkasshoku the brindle Shiba Akita mix canissapien are set out in a dog/wolf-hating environment where they risk being attacked by a psychotic stray canissapien with a clinical disorder named "Psycho" who has been known to kill others who enter his "territory". Those same people went missing.


The game begins with the tragic deaths of Kokass and Meiko. After Shepherd mourns the deaths of his two friends, Psycho will start to become active and roam around the map. If the player becomes within boundaries of Psycho's path, Psycho will chase the player around the map and attempt to kill them. If the player manages to lose sight of Psycho but he is still following their path, the player will be given the option to either keep running or hide from him, causing Psycho to leave and reset his AI. If Psycho is directly behind them and the player hides, a jumpscare animation showing Psycho killing them will play and prompting a "game over". It is also likely that hiding in certain areas will stop working after a while, allowing Psycho to kill the player, regardless on whether or not he can see them.