Sydney, Australia
Sydney skyline at dusk - Dec 2008
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New South Wales



Sydney is a city in Australia and the capital of New South Wales. This is one of the largest cities in Australia and the city in which Ryan and his brothers were born. The city has a slight popularity within the community of vulpessapiens in the RGB manga.


Sydney is a location in the Thunder series, but is also an actual location inside Australia in real life as well.

Residents Edit

Most of the residents are vulpessapiens or leporissapiens, sometimes canissapiens or dingosapiens. So far the only macropussapiens in this city are convicts or gang that threaten the residents. It is very rare that gray wolves will be seen here. Ryan was originally a resident of this city for only a few years. It is known that normal so far that macropussapiens had made their way here to prove diversity and prevent discrimination from arising in the community. One of the only macropussapiens believed to have caused the most trouble outside of the town being Joey, who attempted to torment Ryan in the Outback. Other citizens in the city being the humans.

RGB Edit

Ryan and his parents live in Sydney for a short amount of time before the army his father Alan works for travels to the Outback to complete a mission. This is the town Ryan was born in as in this scene, Ryan is shown as a baby in his mother's arms. When Alan's army calls him to a mission, the family agrees to come with him despite Alan's fears of what could happen to them in the Outback, in which Ryan gets separated and is on his own.

TAHW The Game Edit

So far only speculation about Sydney is shown, but it may possibly be a region to travel to in TAHW The Game. A map of Sydney is scheduled to be revealed soon.