Therianthropy in Thunder: a Hero's Welcome's logic is in essence the transformation of a human into an animalistic entity, such as a non-human animal or a different species of sapien, sometimes even animals or beings from other worlds.

Types of Therianthropy

This is a list of different forms of therianthropy in different categories as well as known users.

Synetanthropy (Human-to-Sapien Transformation


A lesser-known form of lycanthropy in which a human becomes a lupussapien. Derived from the Greek phrasing "agrios" (lupine) and "anthropos" (human). Known users include;


Non-sapien Therianthropy (Human-to-Animal Transformation)


A more common known transformation from a human into a wolf or dog. Derived from "lykos" (wolf) and "anthropos" (human). Known users include;

Unnamed Character



Skylanthropy is also a form of lycanthropy, but is much lesser known, however more known than Agranthropy. Derived from "skylos" (dog) and "anthropos" (human), skylanthropy is the transformation of a human into a dog. Known users include;